8 Agt 2011


Beloved Daddy

He Love us (me, sisters and brothers) so much
He was firm daddy
He was so protective to his children
He was always in my heart
Nobody can replace him from my heart as good Daddy
Nobody can protect me such like my Daddy did
Including my uncle who has paid my school when I was senior high school
He couldn't replace my Daddy
Daddy was always an interest in me
Daddy always knew what I wanted
Daddy always did what I wanted
Daddy always knew how to protect me, and not to be offer protectif
But he left a beautiful memories
That's all distance memories
He never give me advise anymore
He never bring me take a walk anymore
He never angry to me anymore when I fell lazy to study
One thing Dad
Nobody can't replace you cause You are the only one Daddy
Who love me so much more than every things

By : Indah Betharia Puspaningrum
(Your Beloved Daughter)

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  1. Bapak... Baru saja Indah Chating sama temen bapak.. Jadi kangen banget sama Bapak.. Hmmm....